FIRST LEGO League Fall 2004 Competition

It is time to form FIRST LEGO League teams for 2004.  I am going to close registration for the teams that I organize on August 27.  I ask that all parents check with their children to make sure they want to be on a FIRST LEGO league team before signing them up.  It is clear to me that several of the children in past years have been less than enthusiastic about being on a team.  They end up playing with the LEGOs and detracting from the experience of those that are excited about being on a team.  Worse yet, they may prevent others from being on a team because we run out of space.  So please don't sign them up because it will be "a good experience" for them.  If they are excited about being on a team, I am excited about having them on a team.  So if you are still interested, please read the rest of this message and send me the information requested below.

Sign Up Information:

If you are interested in participating, send Michael Schuh, , the following information:

As many teams will be formed, as there are both children and parent volunteers to support.  Team coaches will decide how many and which children are on their teams.

Help Opportunities:

Last year, a lot of people helped me run the teams and make them a success.  I will need help again this year.  Here are some of the opportunities.  You need to select more than one opportunity in case your choice is taken.

For more information:

Los Altos FIRST LEGO League Homepage.

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